Most African countries are plagued by economic instabilities and unfavourable political climates. In spite of this, most African countries also have a wealth of beauty to offer. Mozambique is no different, and boasts with some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. In spite of all her struggles, there is one thing that she gets right… and that is tourism.

There are many magnificent tourist destinations in Mozambique, as it enjoys an incredible coastline of about 2,500kms (1,550 miles). Here you will find some of the most tranquil and unspoiled beaches on the planet.

The coastline towards the South African border is probably the busiest, as it is a popular holiday destination for the people of South Africa. The further north you go, the less people you will find. In some places you will walk for kilometers on the beach without another soul in sight.

On this page we cover why Mozambique should be on your bucket list, together with a summary of some of our experiences.

Getting There

How to get to Mozambique will depend on your destination within the country. Most popular for visitors is to plan a trip to Ponta do Ouro, which is a town just north of the South African border.

One of the easiest ways to get to this part of Mozambique is through the border post, and then to drive to the town on the sandy beach road. The town from this side is inaccessible by normal vehicles and can only be reached by 4×4.

Mozambique - Sand Road 4x4

Mozambique – Sand Road 4×4

Read our post Visiting Ponta do Ouro, which includes a story of an adventure on the beach at night.

If you have more time on your hands it is really worth going further north. While Ponta do Ouro is great to visit, it was really Massinga Beach that we fell in love with. The resort is close to the town called Massinga, which is located in South-East Mozambique in the province of Inhambane.

Getting to Ponta do Ouro is much easier than getting to Massinga. While a short drive with a 4×4 from the South African border post will take you to Ponta do Ouro, getting to the more northern coastlines are a bit more challenging.

To get to Massinga Beach Lodge we scheduled a flight from South Africa to Inhambane. From Inhambane we took a 45 minute ferry ride over the bay to Maxixe. From Maxixe we took a taxi for another hour north to get to Massinga Beach Lodge.

The travel to Massinga Beach Lodge is a true 3rd world country experience. However, this should not deter you from visiting Mozambique. In fact, this is authentic to the country and adds to the memories you make in life. Besides, even if you should not be comfortable in a 3rd world country, once you get to your destination you will realise that it is worth the effort to get there.

Read our post Visiting Massinga Beach, which details our travel and explains why it is an authentically African but amazing journey.


Regardless of where you choose to go in Mozambique, you will be able to find affordable as well as more expensive accommodation. It all depends on what your needs are, but finding a nice place to stay in Mozambique doesn’t have to break the bank.

Ponta de Ouro offers comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. Places like Massinga Beach Lodge charges more, but you do get your money’s worth.

Ponta Do Oura, Mozambique

Ponta Do Oura, Mozambique


Apart from swimming, Mozambique is one of the top destinations in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Indian Ocean water is nice and warm, varying between 21°C in winter and 30°C in summer.

Reefs vary between 10meters and 40meters in depth, with thousands of species of fish who can’t wait to meet and greet you. Visibility is great most of the time, and with crystal clear waters you can take beautiful pictures of your dives.

Since it is such a popular attraction for diving, there are many companies who offer diving courses.

There are many other activities too. For example, Fatbikes have become very popular in recent years, and Mozambique is the perfect place to go for a bicycle ride on the beach. When we visited Massinga Beach, we could literally ride for kilometers without anybody else in sight.

While at Massinga we were able to take bicycles and ride to a reef where we could snorkel. These bicycles were not proper Fatbikes, but it was a fun experience regardless.

Mozambique - Fatbike And Snorkel

Mozambique – Fatbike And Snorkel

Walking On The Beach

The best times to walk on the beach is early mornings or late afternoons. The Mozambique coastline offers some of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises. This, combined with the soothing but constant sound of the waves is medicine for the soul.

Mozambique - Coastline

Mozambique – Coastline

Amazing Food

If it is good food you are after, then you can be sure that you will find this in Mozambique. Ponto de Ouro has many restaurants where you can order a variety of meals.

Hank ordered pizza at one of the restaurants, and the chef got fresh Basil leaves from the rooftop garden of the restaurant.

Due to the remoteness of other resorts like Massinga Beach Lodge, you only have the choice of food offered by the lodge. There are no other restaurants in sight, but this is not a problem at all. The food is superb and as a bonus already included as part of the booking.

When it comes to your choice of beverages, Mozambique doesn’t disappoint in this arena either. The country is most famous for R&R (Rum and Raspberry) and is something you have to try. But be warned, they don’t mess around with the Rum and you should probably take it easy. This drink is so specialized, in some places you can even order a Rum and Raspberry milkshake (check out the photo on the Ponta do Ouro page).

They also know how to mix cocktails, and this photo from Massinga will always be a reminder of that.

Massinga Beach - Cocktails

Massinga Beach – Cocktails

Just Relax

Apart from some of the amazing activities, perhaps the biggest benefit for us is that Mozambique offers you the opportunity to truly relax. It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For example, when we stayed at Massinga Beach there were no overflying airplanes or helicopters or even a ship in sight to disturb the peace.

Everything happens at a pace much slower than the rest of the world, and that is exactly why we love Mozambique.

Mozambique - Just Relax

Mozambique – Just Relax

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